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Born from a passion to connect people with communities, new online platform ‘Locay’ is set to  transform the way we approach travel with its signature collection of boutique hotels. Crafted for  connoisseurs of culture and comfort, this modern travel resource shines the spotlight on a uniquely  new style of travel by unveiling design-savvy accommodation concepts, local hotel  recommendations, neighbourhood guides, and insider tips to help users discover the perfect  vacation. 

Whether an intrepid explorer or a luxury seeker, Locay is designed to elevate travel experiences by  immersing users in the true local essence of their chosen destination. Identifying that there is no single resource available to inform travellers as they plan their next getaway, Locay seeks to  catalogue unique accommodation solutions that focus on location, experience potential and  concept. Carefully selected to transcend trends, the collection of over 300 boutique  accommodations across Australia and New Zealand steers users away from saturated tourist hot  spots, instead promoting local communities, new precincts, and vibrant neighbourhoods that allow  travellers to holiday natively. 

Founded in 2020, Locay’s recent growth and development internationally has been led by tourism,  hospitality, and event powerhouses Simone Ramjee and Larissa Fuller, whose industry tenure,  unwavering commitment to quality, and keen eye for style has unlocked access to some of the most  unique accommodations.  

“When planning travel, there is no single place we seek advice from, instead, travellers must juggle  review sites, articles, and online booking engines to curate their own experiences. Locay is your  newest ally that takes the guesswork out of booking travel,” says Simone. 

In an age where experience is the new currency, Locay caters to the curious and adventurous spirit  of modern travellers. Each accommodation concept, which includes design-led hotels, motel  conversions, guest houses, villas, and luxury lodges, is accompanied by a tailored summary of the  experience, covering location and dining options. Each listing is presented as a recommendation,  offering insight with personality on what makes a hotel unique or worth visiting, so users can  discover and book travel that matches their own style, aesthetic, and purpose. 

“Larissa and I have harnessed our years in the industry and our own global experiences to create a  trusted resource that highlights unique accommodation solutions in some of the most interesting  neighbourhoods and city hubs. We have a collective love and appreciation for the role both locality  and community play in having more meaningful experiences,” says Simone. 

Locay has been inspired by a noticeable shift in the way people like to travel, with consumers  favouring boutique and personalised holiday experiences over mainstream resorts and hotels.  Corporate travellers, families, and international visitors seek access to areas where previously they 

may not have been able to stay, be it for an event, convenience, work, or play. The boutique hotel  market has opened this opportunity, with Locay leading the way. 

The 80’s and 90’s saw significant growth in the mega hotel, with all-inclusive resorts and  common hotel chains rapidly expanding through city centres. Once upon a time, demand was for  a holiday where little effort was required to leave the confines of your hotel. It is our pursuit to  redefine the narrative of travel with the modern boutique accommodation experience,” says  Larissa. 

Locay has strategically partnered with some of the world’s leading providers of online travel. This  alliance unlocks competitive travel options for travellers who value choice, convenience, and  exclusive offers. 

Users can book and compare major online travel brands to secure the best deals by accessing  global inventory, giving travellers the opportunity to select their preferred booking terms,  platform, and payment options. In addition to boutique accommodation, users can also access  dynamic pricing on car rentals, flights, rail passes, private transfers, travel insurance, tours, and  experiences. 

“Users have full control over the booking process on and can choose the way they  finalise their trip, be it through partners they already know and trust, early bird deals, or last minute savings,” says Larissa. “We focus on getting people into a more local setting and scene  with confidence because we believe that’s where great experiences happen.” 

Locay currently features a growing collection of over 300 hand-selected local stays in Australia  and New Zealand. The online platform plans to extend to international destinations such as Japan  later this year, offering a powerful marketing opportunity for independent hotel brands. 

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