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European airliner Finnair is about to embark on a trial that is bound to be controversial.

Passengers are being weighed at their departure gates before boarding, in an effort to provide more accurate average passenger weight data to the airline.

Only passengers who volunteer will be weighed.

For those passengers who attempted to add a little extra into their carry-on or laptop bag, passengers are being weighed with their bags.

But, passengers won’t be penalised. All data is anonymous and won’t be linked to a travellers bookings.

After 4 days of operation, the trial had already had 800 volunteers.

“We have communicated about this survey to Finnair customers via our social media channels and our mobile app, and the first volunteers were proactively asking to take part even before the equipment was set up,” an airline spokesperson said.

Finnair plans to weigh around 1,200 passengers this winter, with another trial set for summer.