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The latest additions have been carefully selected for their commitment to sustainability and personalised guest experiences.

These handpicked establishments provide travellers with an authentic and immersive experience, guided by owners deeply passionate about sustainability and their local communities.

“Our newest members epitomise the essence of Secret Retreats – offering travellers the opportunity to connect with unique destinations in a meaningful and sustainable way,” said Stephane Junca, Founder and Managing Director, Secret Retreats.

The Spa Koh Chang in Koh Chang


In Thailand, Secret Retreats has added The Spa Koh Chang in Koh Chang, a retreat dedicated to eco-wellness that is nestled on the tranquil east coast of Koh Chang Island.

Also joining the ranks is Le Domaine du Mekong in Loei, offering guests a glimpse into the riverside lifestyle reminiscent of bygone eras. Additionally, The Sela in Chiang Mai stands out as a colonial-style boutique hotel, set amid forests near the Ob Khan National Park and boasting vistas of waterfalls and verdant hiking trails.

Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai Somsie has earned its place in the Secret Table Thailand collection, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable gastronomy, deeply rooted in familial heritage and values.

The Bamboo Nest @ Sangadee


Also of note is The Bamboo Nest @ Sangadee, presenting travellers a serene and sustainable environment inspired by local living. Located just a short distance from Chiang Mai’s urban hub and natural wonders, The Bamboo Nest provides a comfortable retreat blending city convenience with natural beauty.

Joining the collection from Cambodia is Le Chanthou, Siem Reap, offering guests a unique local experience in a traditional countryside villa.

Freshly introduced from Malaysia is Cove 55, an intimate hideaway exuding an ethnic-inspired atmosphere. Nestled at the foot of Mount Santubong, this retreat captures the natural beauty of its surroundings, with the South China Sea providing a great backdrop.

In Bali, Secret Table welcomes Locavore NXT, a dynamic restaurant dedicated to sustainability and the support of local ingredients. With a commitment to sharing knowledge and crafting exquisite dishes, Locavore NXT invites guests to savour the flavours of Indonesia while championing environmental stewardship.

Nestled in the heart of Northern India, Chospa awaits discerning explorers in Leh’s vibrant city centre, along the historic Old Leh Road. This meticulously curated abode provides a retreat amid bustling surroundings.

Venture further into the landscape of Ladakh’s Nubra Valley, where an inspiring property awaits. At Kyagar and amid impressive landscapes, passionate hosts are dedicated to sharing local wisdom and giving back to both the community and guests alike.

Journey to the northeastern reaches of India, home to the majestic Mount Everest and the bustling city of Kathmandu in Nepal. Tucked away in this vibrant urban landscape lies The Nanee, a rare gem offering an authentic local ambiance.

Guests can immerse themselves in Nepalese culture, soaking in the sights and sounds of the bustling streets from The Nanee’s courtyard.

Sri Lanka unveils its rich cultural heritage at Gileemale Walawwa & Estate. This property transports visitors back in time, revealing a meticulously preserved historical mansion where Sri Lankan royalty once sought respite before embarking on spiritual journeys.

Here, amid the lush landscapes of Sabaragamuwa, guests can witness the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, surrounded by the serene melodies of the Kalu Ganga.

Pictures courtesy Secret Retreats