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Here are five experiences with B Corp certified InsideAsia that have a direct impact on local communities.

Sustainable Bolaven: Authentic Eco-Tourism Escapes in Laos

More than a kilometre above sea level, the Bolaven Plateau offers cool temperatures, volcanic soil and plentiful rain that conspire to create rich and fertile land.

Where most tourists follow a well-worn circuit around the plateau’s edge, InsideAsia take travellers into the heart – providing the rare opportunity to connect with Katu minority villages famed for their beaded, handwoven textiles.

The company’s local ties with a family-run coffee plantation provides insight into the region’s distinctive microclimate and the journey from bean to cup.

Travellers can gain firsthand exposure to local life by spending a night in a cozy thatched-roof bungalow located withing the plantation owner’s dwelling.


Traditional Homestay in Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

In partnership with the Global Heritage Fund (GHF), InsideAsia’s Homestay program at Banteay Chhmar is designed to enable travellers to make a positive impact and forge meaningful local connections on route.

Visitors will enjoy an authentic Khmer experience while providing host families with crucial additional income, in turn supporting the elevation of their status within the community.

Led by welcoming hosts, guests are treated to scenic tours of the surrounding settlements, rice paddies and reservoirs, providing a truly enriching experience.

Away from the crowds, visitors can take in the ancient Banteay Chhmar temple complex from the Angkorian period. Surrounded by an unspoilt environment, this unique archaeological site serves as a crucial connection to Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage.



Iban Tribal Longhouse Visit & Stay in Borneo

This tour offers a rare glimpse into Batang Ai, the ancestral heartland of the Iban – a tribe of fearsome head hunters, who are today better known for their warm hospitality.

Borneo’s Iban people live in longhouses with up to 30 families under one roof and in the evenings these houses are filled with drinking, dancing and general merriment.

Through local community connections, InsideAsia travellers can spend the night in a traditional longhouse tasting authentic tuak rice wine and feel the rich sense of local community.


Meet Hilltribe Communities in Mae Wang, Thailand

Nestled within the picturesque province of Chiang Mai, the Mae Wang district is part of the northern Thai hills.

Home to concentrated populations of Thai minorities, including the Hmong, Karen and Akha peoples, the area offers a rich cultural tapestry.

For the hiking enthusiasts, InsideAsia have curated a five-day trek through jungle-clad mountains and rugged landscapes with waterfalls contrasting the vibrant foliage.

InsideAsia introduces travellers to the Akha and Karen minorities, with each night spent in a different hilltribe community – fostering connection to country and deep cultural immersion through teaching about local cultures and customs.


Tree Planting on the Kinabatangan River, Malaysia

One of the latest nature-positive projects has seen InsideAsia support Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE) Malaysia to facilitate the reconnection of fragmented forests within the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

The aim is to restore these ecosystems and safeguard endangered species and the broader biodiversity of the region including pygmy elephants, orangutan, Sumatran rhinoceros, Malayan sun bear, clouded leopard, bear cat and hornbills.

While in region, stay in an eco-lodge on the banks of Sabah’s longest river, where elephants, macaques and gibbons forage in the dense riverside foliage, and frogmouths, nightjars and hornbills wheel overhead.