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Tips, Hacks & Hot Spots For 2024


Are you a budget bougie foodie, a gig tripper or a sleep seeker? Skyscanner has revealed its travel trends and top destinations for next year as well as tips and hacks for Aussies jet-setting overseas.

THE COST of living has done nothing to dampen travel plans while cultural exploration and experience will be the key drivers for decision-making when it comes to booking holidays.

Those were the key findings from new data released by Skyscanner in a report entitled Travel Trends: Redefining value through experience in 2024.

What you should know

  • There will be an even bigger uptake in travel in 2024 with 75 per cent of Aussies planning to travel more or the same in 2024
  • Cultural exploration is top of the agenda in 2024 – ‘vibes’ and good deals will drive decisions in 2024 with 35 per cent of Aussies planning to spend more on travel
  • Japan is the #1 destination for Aussies in 2024
  • Get more bang for your buck by travelling to New Zealand in 2024 (35 per cent price drop for New Zealand in the New Year)

Aussie travellers will still look to get some good bargains, with the cost of flights (42 per cent) and hotels (12 per cent) being the biggest factors determining the destination.

In addition, 15 per cent of travellers plan to upgrade their flights to business or first-class next year, while 16 per cent plan to purchase airport lounge access.

Aussies are increasingly looking to mark big milestones in style, with 46 per cent of ‘celebration vacationers’ having taken a group trip to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.

The top trending cultural explorations are:

Main character energy – More than ever, travellers want to slot themselves into their favourite show and embody its ‘main character energy’ next year.

Top of the list? Emily in Paris, with 50 per cent of Aussies inspired to head to Paris thanks to the titular character. One week after season three launched in December 2022, Skyscanner saw a 65 per cent increase in searches from Australia to Paris.

Budget Bougie foodies – Food and travel have always been intrinsically linked, with 56 per cent of Aussies reporting eating the local cuisine and trying authentic food as their preferred activity when travelling.

Some 39 per cent say they want to book a destination purely based on a specific restaurant they want to visit. The best destination for bougie foodies? Osaka in Japan – home to 93 Michelin-starred restaurants.


Destination Zzzz – Sleep health generally is a hot topic (Google Trends shows interest in sleep health has increased by 65 per cent globally over the last five years) and travellers are becoming more mindful of this.

Almost one-third of Aussies feel the need for a sleep retreat remedy in 2024 and agree they sleep better on holiday.

“Skyscanner’s 2024 Travel Trends report reveals that more than ever, cultural exploration will be a priority for travellers in 2024,” said Jarrod Kris, Skyscanner Travel Expert.

“We’re seeing a broad spectrum of cultural curiosity in travel, from gig trippers, jetting off to see their favourite artists to budget bougie foodies seeking the best food experience (at the best price!).

“The cost of living, though, remains top of mind and our money-saving tools continue to rise in popularity. Our ‘Everywhere’ search, showing prices from the lowest to highest from airports to global destinations, is the top search destination for travellers globally this year.”