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A NEW nationwide campaign has just been launched designed to ramp up the feel-good factor.

‘Good Trips Only’ is the biggest global brand campaign in Intrepid’s 34-year history.

The initiative delivers on the company’s promise to provide trips that are good for travellers, the places they go and the communities they visit.

The first edition of the campaign features a film – the first in a series – which shares the experience of a group of Aussie travellers exploring the good food, good views, good friends and good times of Morocco.

“Intrepid has always viewed travel as a force for good and this new campaign really elevates this message by showing travellers there is a way to travel that is not only good for them, but also for the wider community and places we visit,” said Natalie Placko, General Manager of Global Marketing & Brand at Intrepid.

“This first phase of our ‘Good Trips Only’ campaign is only just the beginning as we intend on expanding the campaign to feature other top Intrepid experiences to show we always deliver good trips, no matter the destination.”

The campaign will run throughout April across different channels, including out-of-home, digital, cinema, television, radio and print.

Party Planners Named for Travel’s Night of Nights

THE PRESSURE is on for a group of industry VIPs to make travel’s ‘night of nights’ the greatest show we’ve ever seen.

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has named the inaugural crop of industry reps tasked with ensuring the annual National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) strikes the right note.

Those named have been chosen across seven different elements of the industry to ensure each sector is properly represented through the event.

The seven are:

  • Ann-Catherine Jones, Frontier Travel (Retail Agency)
  • Jean Summers, GlobeNet Travel (Retail Agency)
  • Barbara Whitten, Anywhere Travel (Corporate)
  • Tony Gothard, Luxury Escapes (Online Travel Agency)
  • Damian Borg, Norwegian Cruise Line (Supplier – Cruise/Air)
  • Chris Fundell, Globus Family of Brands (Wholesaler)
  • Dick Webster, Journey Earth (Tour Operator).

“Our NTIA Custodian Council will work with AFTA to preserve the integrity of the NTIAs while continuing to evolve the process of recognising and rewarding excellence in Australia’s travel sector,” said Dean Long, CEO of AFTA.

“I and the team are very excited to be working together with the Council as we get cracking with the planning for the 2023 NTIAs in Melbourne on November 18.”

Toolkit Shines a Light on Sustainability

SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL is a hot topic right now and a new online toolkit has just been launched by the cruise industry.

Produced by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the resource provides insight into the industry’s advances in sustainability.

Designed as an interactive resource for industry stakeholders globally, the toolkit is accessible to all and contains information that can be downloaded and shared, including reports, statistics, maps, posters and infographics.

The first edition of the toolkit was launched at CLIA’s European Summit in Paris recently.

“Cruise lines don’t just provide one of the most popular holiday options for consumers today, but they are also already partnering with shipyards and maritime technology providers to achieve net zero cruising by 2050,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, CLIA Chairman.

“Pilot projects are underway to test new fuels and propulsion solutions such as batteries, fuel cell technology, advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels.”

As well as featuring numerous environmental innovations being introduced onboard cruise ships, the toolkit is a way to share stories and to raise awareness with local communities and the wider public about how cruising is an integral part of societies and economies.

The site includes good practice examples of cooperation between cruise lines, business organisations, ports and local authorities.

“It is now time for European policy makers and governments to partner with the maritime technology sector,” added Mr Vago.

“Europe has an opportunity to lead the way in technology development and maritime excellence for the benefit of future generations.”