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Aussies love celebrating with a beer, wine or even a cocktail but hate the morning after grogginess and headaches. alc-eze is now launching the world’s first hangover-free alcohol bar, so Aussies can enjoy a beverage without the hangover the next day or they will get a refund.

The alc-eze hangover-free bar will serve everything you’d expect in a bar from a selection of craft beers, wines from around the world and cocktails. The difference is your first drink is served with the brand’s scientifically formulated hangover supplement made from 18 all natural ingredients including the hero Nashi pear, to support natural liver cleansing and detoxification.

The bar will be open from April 25th to April 28th on Crown Street in Sydney’s Surry Hills, to give visitors a chance to enjoy a casual drink without the looming threat of a hangover and interruptions to the next day. And if punters do wake up with a sore head, they can head back down to the venue and get the money back on their drinks bill.

Rohit Uppal (Bpharm), co-founder of alc-eze said: “It’s hard to believe but hangovers don’t need to exist with a casual drink. So we’ve built this bar to let Aussies try it for themselves, or get their money back.

“We’ve spent years scientifically formulating the perfect product, have TGA approval and lots of positive feedback from our customers.  We want to change the way people think about celebrating and show it’s possible to have a beer or wine and have fun without paying the price the next day.”

The pop-up bar has been launched in celebration of alc-eze’s new pocket friendly 3-pack and 6-packs, which join the line the lineup of the best-selling 30 and 60 tablet bottles. These portable options are designed to offer consumers a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of  alc-eze’s powerful formula anytime, anywhere.

Join the hangover-free revolution at the alc-eze Hangover-Free Bar in Surry Hills, and experience guilt-free drinking like never before.

Dates: 25th April – 28th April 


  • Thursday – 4 pm–12 am
  • Friday – 1 pm–12 am
  • Saturday – 1 pm–12 am
  • Sunday – 1–10 pm

Location: The alc-eze Hangover-Free Bar (formerly the Nocturne, Surry Hills) – 557 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.