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Confessions from the child of a travel consultant

When your mum works in the travel industry things can be a little different at home. Indigenous art hangs from the walls of your room; an intricate, yet ever so annoying Black... Continue Reading


This Pacific island nation aims to shut out budget travellers

Palau isn’t really at risk of mass tourism. But travel to the Pacific island nation over the past few years has grown to the point where the country now wants to introduce... Continue Reading


New super special travel agent fare to Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s national carrier, Air Vanuatu has announced the return of their travel agent fare, giving agents the chance to ‘discover what matters’ firsthand for... Continue Reading


When locking your kids in a room makes you a good parent

Stella's face is locked in concentration. It's the look she gets when trying to make out a particularly complex plot (Birdman is not a kid's film). Her otherwise smooth forehead... Continue Reading


WIN a luxury European barge cruise for two

Savannah is an enchanting hotel barge that travels along the Canal du Midi. Initially built in 1938 as a cargo tanker specifically to the dimensions of the Royal Canal du Midi (30m... Continue Reading


The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo: where real luxury is more than a room

I grew up in five star, luxury hotels. At six years old, I was comfortably ordering room service; by ten I had an impressive collection of hotel stationery and pens; and by 12, I... Continue Reading