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Forget honeymoons and babymoons, what’s the new holiday trend?

Weddings are getting more elaborate and more expensive. It only follows that wedding planning can be a stressful time for the couple in question. And so couples have started taking... Continue Reading


Collette's five Wintery Wonders

Family-owned, 100-year-old global tour operator, Collette has highlighted five Wintery Wonders featuring Northern Lights, Yellowstone National Park and more... 1. Northern... Continue Reading


Ten of the world’s strangest spa therapies

In today’s ever-evolving wellness scene, it’s simply not enough to be mainstream; spas must constantly be one step ahead to cater for discerning millennials who demand... Continue Reading


How Thailand aims to lure even more Aussies

Despite its already burgeoning popularity amongst Australians, there are still plenty of ways in which Thailand feels it can increase tourism from one of its most important... Continue Reading


Is Clive Palmer right?

According to businessman and former federal MP Clive Palmer, all Aussies have a right to go on holiday. And since Australia doesn’t actually have a formal bill of rights... Continue Reading


Viking's third ship christened

Viking Cruises has announced that its third ship, Viking Sky, was officially christened during a public celebration in Tromsø, Norway. Located above the Arctic Circle on... Continue Reading