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UK freezes as US burns

Heavy snow across large parts of Britain has led to widespread disruptions at UK airports, including Heathrow. Although Europe’s busiest airport remains open, snow ploughs are being... Continue Reading

Blog Update

Ten best security & privacy apps for 2018

As another year is drawing to a close, cybersecurity experts are warning that Internet users should start taking their privacy and security more seriously. Cyberattacks in 2017... Continue Reading


Family finds hidden camera in cruise cabin

There are a lot of things you DON’T want to find in your cabin or hotel room. Bed bugs, bodily fluids, its previous occupant... but the insidious intrusion of a hidden... Continue Reading


This is the 'Best Value for Money' cruise... again

Evergreen Cruises & Tours’ sister company Emerald Waterways has been named “Best Value for Money” in the river cruise category for the third consecutive year... Continue Reading


Google Maps will soon be even better for tourists

It was peak hour in Bangkok and I thought I’d try my hand at catching a bus. I lined up in a throng of business suited locals, bought my ticket and found a seat. The bus was... Continue Reading