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What it's like travelling with a fitness and fashion guru

When Bridie Cutifani moved to Wollongong in 2010 she met fitness guru Angela Saville. The two became firm friends and went on to open two health clubs and a boutique cycle and yoga... Continue Reading


Bumped for $13k: would you do it?

Hoping to avoid a repeat of the nasty incident (and subsequent PR fiasco) United Airlines endured recently, in which a 69-year-old passenger was physically removed from a flight to... Continue Reading


REVIEWED: AirCalin Noumea to Sydney Hibiscus class

France may be on the other side of the world, but you can fly from Gallic shores to Australia in under three hours. MARK HARADA makes the short (h)op with New Caledonian flag... Continue Reading


Renovate or go home: how bricks and mortar travel agencies are fixing up for the future

In an age of information saturation, and fake news and reviews, the travel agent has come to the rescue of those in need of expert curation and support when the online booking... Continue Reading


How offering clients less can reward them more

At almost every turn today, consumers are faced with more choices than they were in years gone by - and it’s no different when shopping for travel. But contrary to much... Continue Reading