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What it's like travelling with a fitness and fashion guru

When Bridie Cutifani moved to Wollongong in 2010 she met fitness guru Angela Saville. The two became firm friends and went on to open two health clubs and a boutique cycle and yoga... Continue Reading


The unusual service you should offer clients

The mail has been put on hold, the dog is with the in-laws, and the plants that don't survive your absence, well they should know better by now. But what one simple thing have you... Continue Reading


Get ready for fewer flighties on Aussie airlines

If you’ve ever struggled to get the attention of your flight attendant, even with the aid of that little service button, you’re in for a harder time. The Civil... Continue Reading


Jetstar named world’s worst airline; it’s not

It’s time to get some perspective if you think Jetstar is the world’s worst airline, as a recent poll has suggested; there are clearly worthier recipients, without... Continue Reading


This latest incentive offer is Crystal clear

Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises (CYEC) has announced the return of one their most enticing incentives for travel professionals. For this latest iteration of the... Continue Reading


Aussies world’s second most adventurous

You would’ve heard it said many times over, that Australian travellers are an adventurous bunch. But now there’s firm evidence to back the claims, with a new study... Continue Reading