Russia and Beyond 2015

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Russia and Beyond 2015

General release, covers all three 2015 Brochures (Russia, Eastern Europe & Croatia) BEYOND TRAVEL CELEBRATES 21ST ANNIVERSARY BROCHURE COLLECTION BEYOND TRAVEL have marked their 21st anniversary in 2015 by releasing a special brochure collection offering new product through Croatia...
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Why I wasted $1.69 on a song I’ll only play when drunk

We all know she can sing. That was the whole premise of a couple of movies, wasn’t it? But apparently Whoopi Goldberg, lately of The View (though I consider her best... Continue Reading

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Summer Fun starts at Frasers Hospitality

The silly season is about to start and Frasers Hospitality has launched ‘Frasers Summer Fun’ packages at all its Australian properties just in time for the warmer... Continue Reading

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