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Blog Update

Pump up the marital value

Not all honeymooners spend their time lying by the pool or walking on the beach. Some newlyweds like to get their adrenaline pumping. Here are a few suggestions for those who like... Continue Reading


How to visit a non-existent country

Transnistria has a president, a democratically-elected government, a flag, and unlike the little ‘nations’ created by survivalist weirdos, a population of more than... Continue Reading


Travel company seeks Professional Slacker

TUI, one of the world’s largest travel agencies, is on the hunt for four new employees. But a quick glance at their ad reveals not all is as it seems in the company... Continue Reading


NEW: Book DriveAway motorhomes ONLINE!

DriveAway have just released a BRAND NEW online booking platform for motorhomes. That’s right agents – you can now BOOK MOTORHOME RENTALS ONLINE through DriveAway!... Continue Reading