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Blog Update

Is it okay to call in sick when you're not?

You wake up before you want to, race out the door and lock yourself in a tram/bus/train with more people than were at your wedding - all this on an empty stomach and with the... Continue Reading


SureSave, ETG launch 'simpler, smarter' PDS

Travel insurer SureSave has developed ‘Express Insurance by SureSave’, a new Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), designed exclusively for members of Express Travel... Continue Reading


MORE weird requests to travel agents

The next time you're wandering through your local mall or high street and pass a travel agency, spare a thought for the poor sods you see smiling and nodding at their clients... Continue Reading


Sell your way to the USA

Delta Air Lines, Virgin Australia, Discover New England, Visit Anchorage, Travel Nevada and the Utah Office of Tourism partner together to offer agents an opportunity to sell their... Continue Reading


This has got to be the world’s coolest travel agency

Austin, Texas is known for being one of the coolest places in America, where you can find live bands playing at airports, rows of yarn-bombed trees, galleries alongside garage... Continue Reading


How to score nearly $3k of credit with Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways is celebrating the release of its 2018 Preview Brochure, offering a holiday credit of up to $2800* per couple on all departures in Europe and Southeast Asia... Continue Reading