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Journey Beyond has announced that it has added the Alice Springs Telegraph Station into its portfolio of iconic Australian tourism experiences.

Given the history of this location,  we decided it would be fitting to annouce the news as it would have been spread well over a century ago.

Listen to the announcement in morse code:

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station was established in 1872 to relay messages between Darwin and Adelaide. It is the best preserved of the 12 stations along the Overland Telegraph Line, protected as a Historical Reserve in 1963.

The site has historically had strong links with The Ghan, with original rail track following the Overland Telegraph Line. It continues to be intrinsically linked to this iconic train journey, with guests on The Ghan Expedition, the extended southbound itinerary that runs across most of The Ghan’s operational year, enjoying a signature dinner under the stars, with white tablecloths sitting above red earth, at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station.

“The Alice Springs Telegraph Station is a poignant historical reminder of how communications and passage through the heart of Australia were established. It continue to evoke that pioneering spirit, which is why it makes such an impactful venue for the signature dinner on The Ghan  Expedition,” says Chris Tallent, CEO of Journey Beyond. “We are delighted to be the custodians of this significant slice of Australian history.”

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station is also open to the general public. It is a popular site to visit due to it being the original site of the first European settlement in Central Australia. Sitting across the walking trail that runs along the famously dry Todd River, the site is punctuated by beautiful heritage-listed buildings housing fascinating museum-style displays and artefacts from the 1900s that offer a glimpse of another time. Visitors can try out their morse code skills or take guided tours that give deeper insight into the sometimes-difficult history of the area, including acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners and the time in history when the buildings were used to accommodate children of the stolen generation.

As well as attracting international and domestic visitors to Central Australia, the Alice Springs Telegraph Station is a popular destination for locals, who use the surrounding walking trails, bike paths and picnic areas, and drop into the Telegraph Station Café. Hikers setting out on the Larapinta Trail, or finishing their hike, also frequent the café.

Beyond these visitors, the Alice Springs Telegraph Station is also a popular wedding and event venue. The buildings in the historic precinct make a particularly fetching backdrop for ceremonies, wedding photographs, and of course, that very special Ghan Expedition dinner event.