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Flight delays across Australia are being blamed on a lack of air traffic controllers following the pandemic.

At Brisbane airport last month, almost three-quarters of ground delays were attributed to air traffic control, according to a report on

Airservices Australia has come under fire for their handling of air traffic control and airport fire services with critics calling for more accountability from the government-owned organisation.

“It’d surprise many passengers to learn that perhaps the reason for the delay or the cancellation is actually because of air traffic control not being able to staff those control towers,” James Goodwin, CEO of the Australian Airport Association, told ABC’s 7.30.

“We’ve got increasing concerns with the operational performance of Airservices Australia.

“They’re not up to scratch for airlines, airports, all parts of the aviation sector, but they’re also not up to scratch for the passenger.”

However, the head of Airservices Australia was unapologetic for the delays.

“We will always maintain safety being paramount,” Jason Harfield, CEO of Airservices Australia told,

“We will sacrifice efficiency in order to always protect safety.”