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Brisbane Airport is preparing for an influx of Swifties in the terminal as they depart Queensland’s Cruel Summer and make their way to Melbourne and Sydney for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour.   

There’ll hardly be a Blank Space on flights from the Maroon capital, with an estimated 25,400 additional people passing through the terminal, as passenger volumes rise 5% around concert days, leaving the terminal in a Lavender Haze.   

Airlines have been quick to join the dance party, adding a total of 64 additional flights for the event dates across the tour period, ensuring fans can Shake It Off and catch the spectacle.  

The surge can be seen in passenger bookings between Thursday February 15 to 19 for the Melbourne concert dates, and between February 22 and 27 for the Sydney events.  

Riding the Love Story wave, Taylor Swift‘s magnetic pull transcends the state, creating a Delicate ripple effect on connecting flights from Queensland’s regions including Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and Rockhampton.  

Estimated Additional passengers 


Estimated additional passengers 


Additional flights added 




Sydney: Increase in passengers on existing flights 




Melbourne: Increase in passengers on existing flights 




Increase in connecting passengers from Central and North QLD 




Estimated Total additional passengers for Taylor Swift Concerts 




 “Call It What You Want, this is a mega-event impacting travel patterns across the state.

We know All Too Well how invested Queensland fans are, whether they’re 13, 22 or born in 1989,” according to Brisbane Airport spokesperson Peter Doherty.   

Brisbane Airport retailers including Colette are hoping the exodus will exceed their Wildest Dreams and are gearing up for a Gold Rush by stocking friendship bracelets, jewelry, cowgirl boots, bags and accessories as well as Taylor Swift books for the flight down. Travellers might even find the perfect Dresor Cardigan for the concert.   

But even after having secured flights, tickets, accommodation and their Getaway Car from southern airports, fans are not Out Of The Woods until they reach Holy Ground at the concert venue, Safe & Sound 

“We encourage travellers to arrive in Style at the Domestic Terminal the regular 90 minutes before their departure time, which allows ample time for check-in and security screening so that their journey is as Fearless as possible. And don’t forget to factor Daylight saving into your plans when considering the End Game.”  

 A number of Queenslanders will also be travelling to the Melbourne and Sydney concerts in the luxury and convenience of chartered private jets.

 “Heading off to the concert in a private jet is the ultimate experience and provides a little taste of the Taylor Swift lifestyle,” according to Royce Crown from Monarc Global